Atheism Agenda Exposed

Atheism is the belief that there is no god. According to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

“Atheism is the position that affirms the non-existence of God. It proposes positive belief rather than mere suspension of disbelief.”Rowe, …WL. ”Atheism”, in Craig. E Routledge, Ed., Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, New York, 1998.

“Without proof, belief is still belief – even if you believe in nothing.” Xenocrates

Atheism constitutes a religion because it is based on religious principles, namely…..

1. Evolution is an explanation of where everything came from.

2. Based on having an experience. Darwin the founder after observing ‘evidence ” from around the world during his voyage on HMS Beagle, had an iphamy ….evolution.

3. Evolution has a social structure of hierarchies and power. Atheist guru Atheism has been fueled largely by authors promoting their Atheistic beliefs. In the preface to The God Delusion, Dawkins says,Dawkins says,“If this book works as I intend, religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down.”

What Dawkins is saying is that he hopes that his book converts “religious” people to his worldview – exactly what a missionary of any religion hopes to do.

4. Atheism has doctrinal beliefs. After the “enlightenment” some prominent Atheist philosophers realised the effects the lack of a belief in a god would have on the morals of society and wrote what they believed would be a suitable set of beliefs and goals for a secular society in the 20th century.

5. Atheism is a morally relativist religion. Most Atheists adhere to one ethical system or another, but in Atheism there is ultimately no foundation for morality, as atheists Dawkins and Provine admit. Many systems of ethics have been proposed; utilitarianism is probably the most popular one.

6. Atheism is ritualistic in its approach. many Atheists do practice “secular rituals” such as their birthday celebrations, or the ‘ritual holidays’ of other religions such as the Christmas and Easter public holidays of Christianity, but this is usually to simply maintain the tradition of a public holiday, and the original meaning of the celebrations are rejected. Recently atheists celebrate the commemoration of the anniversary of Darwin’s birth each February (and even of the publication of his Origin of Species in November), along with calls for the general public to do the same, is rapidly becoming something of an annual ritual.

7. Atheism is material. This includes all the physical things created by a religion such as art and buildings, and also natural features and places are treated as sacred by atheists. Nature is treated as sacred by some Atheists in and of itself. Some atheists believe that natural resources are here to be exploited because of “survival of the fittest” while others believe that nature should be respected.

In conclusion: Atheists claiming to create a dichotomy between science and religion is false. The conflict is between personal interpretations of science coming from different religious worldviews.

Source of info from Ross A., Australia, 4 May 2010

5 thoughts on “Atheism Agenda Exposed

  1. “Atheism constitutes a religion because it is based on religious principles, namely…..”

    Sorry, but you’re incorrect.

    Atheism is a single position on a single subject.

    There are many worldviews, ideologies and religions that can include atheism as one of its positions. But atheism itself is not a religion or worldview or ideology.

    • NAS

      Atheism is most definitely a worldview and ideology. It dictates how one views the world around them. It directs how one filters the details of the way we see things. Atheism sets the parameters of how one interprets facts and evidence. it requires naturalism, it requires a naturalistic explanation for the origins of life and man, it sets the parameters for acceptable answers to “why this or that” It encompasses a lot more than the Atheist consciously realizes. A good amount of how one views things are a direct byproduct of one’s Atheism.

      • “It dictates how one views the world around them.”

        No it doesn’t.

        “it requires naturalism, it requires a naturalistic explanation for the origins”

        I will tell that to all the Buddhists I know. Since Buddhists happen to be atheists.

    • Atheism necessitates Naturalism. If there is no God or supernatural entities at all, how do you escape a purely natural world? Everything would be physical, right? Pointing to Buddhists who may be atheists who are not naturalists only serves to show an inconsistency in their views, not that atheism doesn’t necessitate naturalism.

  2. Though I would disagree that Atheism is a religion, I would agree that a significant number of Atheists act religiously about their atheism, to the point of evangelism and devotion. It is often said by them that it is merely a non-belief (which is wrong to begin with), but who writes books, gives lectures, and pays for ads on buses and billboards for things they don’t believe? It just doesn’t make sense that someone would want other people to not believe the same things thry don’t believe.

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