Disbelief in God is a Belief

Atheism is the belief that there is no god. “Without proof, belief is still belief – even if you believe in nothing.” Xenocrates

” Atheists have tried so hard to separate themselves from religious movements, that they have become anything but. They’ve got their own gatherings, teachings, ritualistic argumentative techniques, pamphlets, websites, evangelists and yes, even radio and TV broadcasts.

Being an atheist doesn’t mean that one is absolved of belief. It only means that (as one atheist so aptly put it), the belief is limited to “one less god” than their monotheistic counterparts ascribe to. Believing in no god of any sort is still a belief. It is just as unquantifiable as belief in one.

Just as how a religious zealot in a position of power can incite a war that claimed the lives of thousands of people with an ulterior motive, a strong atheist in a position of power is not very far away from inciting a violent, anti-religious revolution under the guise of social reform.

Atheists who are just unconvinced about the existence of God are the true representatives of the movement. Atheists who go about challenging the right of others to practice their religion in peace, provoking anger through indoctrination, hurling obscenities at religious pundits who question their motive and openly mocking religion for sport are not true atheists. They are bullies – plain and simple. They are no different from the Religious fanatics who use fear to spread their religion, or the Christians who destroy families “in the name of the Lord. ” Atheism 101

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