Is ‘ALLAH’ the “Divine Name” For God?








Is ‘ALLAH’ the “Divine Name” For God?

“There is no etymological evidence that Allah is related to Elohim as Menj allegedes to his audience. In Hebrew the word Elohim is equivalent to the word “gods” as a stand alone without singular pronouns and verbs. Anyone who has studied Hebrew immediately becomes aware of this linguistical fact. Menj begans to expose his lack of knowledge in Semitic language and he proceeds to contradict his Holy Quran. According to the Quran, Allah is ONE God, not many nor is he more than one personage.

1. If Allah is related to Elohim, then Allah is a plural deity, and not singular.
2. If Allah is related to Elohim, then Allah can be any deity including Baal, Satan, Shiva or Murduk.

The fact is that Allah the word itself doesn’t mean “God” or “god” in Arabic. Equating the name “Allah” to being equal to the word “GOD” or “god”

This is a common trick by Muslims to propogate misinformation to the west as well as legitamize their foreign deity. When Muslims started targeting the West and trying to islamise it, they were compelled to review their orthodox concepts and make some compromises so that their message would be heard and be received. One of the major changes they had to make is concerning the definition of Allah. THEY NEEDED TO WESTERNISE IT AND MAKE IT CONFORM TO THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE WITH THE BIBLICAL TEACHINGS AND TERMINOLOGY FOR THE DIVINE. BUT Theologically, they are obligated to have the convert recite the confession in Arabic and use Allah as name. Only a Muslim who knows nothing about Islam and who belongs to a radical cult would dare to take such risk.

Linguistically Allah and Elohim have nothing to do with each other. There is a common question that should be asked about this type of view. What linguistic evidence does Menj show other then just claiming that “Christians are faced with the linguistic evidence that Allah is Elohim”? What cited evidence explictedly proves this point? None other than quoting the Hebrew mistranslation of the Quran.

The problem with this approach is that Menj doesn’t tell you that all Quranic translations doesn’t render “Allah” as God because it is totally false in Arabic. Look at these Quranic translations of the same verse:

YUSUFALI: In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
PICKTHAL: In the name of ALLAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
SHAKIR: In the name of ALLAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Allah, instead of God is found in these translations of the Quran. This clearly shows that the entire argument stems on a particular translation and failure to verify whether that translation is agreeable with the Arabic original. Allah has never been used as a word for “God” or “god” and if Yusif Ali really believed that it should always be “God” or “god” then there would be no need to render “Allah” as it is in one version and then “god” or “GOD” in other versions.

While Elohim literally means Gods, Allah doesn’t correspond to neither in both English and Hebrew.If there is no corresponding word for Allah, then “God” can’t be used as a conclusion to try to link it to Elohim. It is clear that the word “ILAH” is used as the term only for God in Arabic while Allah is the name of this ILAH. To say that God is the same as saying Allah is totally wrong and misleading. Menj uses several other verses in Hebrew and then equates them with the Arabic Quran.

The al in allaah doesn’t even sound the same as ‘el (god in Hebrew). The al sounds like AL in Alexander (a name) and ‘el sounds like English EEL (a kind of fish). Arabic allaah’s only logical and appropriate application IS AS A PERSONAL NAME. Meanwhile, Hebrew ‘el has SEVEN DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS and definitions depending on the pronunciation AND CONTEXT. Only in one context ‘el refers to God or gods. There is not any etymological evidence as to how Elohim can be related to Allah other than just saying that this is the case. What Muslims seem to be looking at is the fact that the first 2 letters are the same. However the “Al” in Allah is “THE” in Arabic, while “el” in Hebrew means God. Not knowing how to transliterate the letter correctly,they are in error since Al in Arabic is “EaL” while the “EL” in Hebrew is “EeeL”.

This argument doesn’t provide an answer as to how “ohim” can disappear and turn into “laah” or “lah” of Allah. There are tons of words in Hebrew that began with “EL” so should we link them to the word “God” or “god” also? According to this false theory we must do this very same action. It is clearly the case that the argument athours do not know Arabic nor Hebrew since the word for God in Arabic isn’t Allah: There is no god to be worshipped, there is only ALLAH! This statement also reveals that: “ALLAH is not a GOD…” Nobody can comprehend what the “Religion of Islam” is about and why it has ever come, unless one fully understood the difference in meaning between a concept of “god” and the name “ALLAH” signified. Due to this, one can keep misinterpreting the matter of religion (Islam)!It is clear that any idea that the word “god” implies is completely different in meaning than the name “ALLAH” implies. These are two different words with completely different meanings.

The word “god” is a common adjective, yet “ALLAH” is a proper noun for a unique essence. The word ALLAH has never been applied to any other than ALLAH, neither in proper form nor in common. Take the names such as “ilah” and “huda,” for example; none of them is a proper name as “Allah.” They imply a concept of “god” or “lord.” It has been said “gods” as the plural form of “god,” “lords” as for “lord,” etc. Unlike, it has never been said “Allahs” and can never be so…

So, the common name GOD IS NOT SYNONYMOUS FOR THE PROPER NOUN “ALLAH,” and is not an equivalent for “Allah.” “GOD” IS A VERY COMMON NAME!

Therefore one SHOULD NEVER TRANSLATE THE NAME “ALLAH” AS “GOD.”(Yazir,Hamdi of Elmali; Koran Interpretation, [Religious Affairs Directory, Vol.1, p.24-25])

It is wrong and false to claim that Allah is a synonym for God, when the word in Arabic is “ILAH” which correctly derives from the root word “alaha” to deify. If meaning etymologically that “Allah” is somehow related to “Elohim” which literally means “gods” then what is the root word for Allah? There is none in Arabic. nowhere in the Bible in which God says that his name is Allah. What Muslims tend to do is go to the Arabic translation of the Bible and then say that because “Allah” is used for “God” that it is okay to call God by this name. The problem with this fact is that God’s name isn’t God. Nor does the word Allah mean God in Arabic anyway. Allah is a personal name of a deity.”

Excerpts from the book “INVESTIGATING ALLAH”

This perhaps one of the most important books you will ever read on the Muslim god “Allah”. It includes over 5 years of extensive research and is written by Al Gharab, an Arab linguist. Islam has been in his family for centuries and his knowledge of the Quran, the Arabic language and the historical evolution of Allah is amazing. In this book you will discover how witchcraft, pagan origination, and things never known before about Allah, will be exposed here. Many Muslims don’t even know the origin or the history of Allah and Islam this deep. Questions such as 1. should we call God “Allah”?, 2. Is Allah the same God? 3. What is God’s name? are all addressed here and more. This book totally addresses the linguistic techniques of Muslim Apologists who claim that Allah fits in the Bible along with given a deep historical analysis


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