Abortion: Is it Murder? You Deside. It’s your choice.


7 thoughts on “Abortion: Is it Murder? You Deside. It’s your choice.

  1. OMG,abortion is murder and nothing short of that.If anyman contest it he/she should tell us at what point does a feotus have life and is considered a being?So if a foetus has got life from conception then the feotus is a being and has life.Abortion terminates the life and stops the feotus from been born in to the world to fulfil destiny.If our mothers had aborted us we won’t be alive today neither would we fulfil destiny!Am of the opinion that the feotus be giving a chance to live and the government should stop killings of the innocent young lives.God bless.

  2. Abortion isn’t murder – the unborn are only POTENTIAL humans, not actual humans. Think of an acorn vs a tree – it’s the same thing. Once a fetus can breathe on its own and is no longer a parasite – that is the point it can be considered human. Why is this so hard for people to “get”?

    • Get real. A dog gets more respect than a baby in the womb by liberal activist groups. If you are so dumb and blind not to see these aborted children as humans then you are truley less than human yourself.

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