The Roman Empire Has Not Fallen Yet.


What some end time bible students do not realize when studying bible prophecy is that the last world government which is the Roman empire has not been defeated. In fact what it has done is just change some what in format but the Roman western influence is still what controls the world today. So, while some look at a Muslim take over, I would disagree based on history and the Bible.

The Bible talks about a war of Gog and Magog in which Russia and her allies the Muslims will be defeated. This we know from the bible and news today that this war is on the horizon. So don’t get caught up in the Muslim take over doctrine because it will fail as a end time doctrine soon.

Look instead to Europe with USA and Canada following uniting in a one world government controlled by western Roman influence. USA had to fall as a world power in order to be a part of the NWO BUT USA will very much be involved with end times NWO.

Soon we will have a united nations army, court and government that all nations will be forced to submit to or face economic consequences. Even China will have to submit because their economy is dependent on the west.

Muslim nations will also submit to the NWO because this Gog and Magog war will devastate them financially.

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The Image of the Beast

Many people get off track when they refer to Babylon as one particular entity. In actuality Babylon represents the kingdoms of this world, which have all one by one fallen and the last kingdom of this world will fall too. The image that the Babylonian king saw was an image of some of the greater of the kingdoms of this world, which revelations tell us will all fall. When the last image was crushed at the feet the whole image fell. This is to signify that the kingdoms of this world are finished and now will come the kingdom of our Lord. Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” Revelation 11:15

The image of the beast is 666, is the number of a man. This is both literal and metaphorical. 7 in the Hebrew is the number of perfection, so the 7th angel comes in and announces the kingdom of our Lord as an everlasting kingdom.

Babylon is referred to in scriptures as: a nation, a mystery religion, and a literal city. When you take a look at all three you can see 666. Man’s physical achievements, man’s religious ideologies, and man’s economic system. Now, I am not saying that there is no literal mark, because there is and the bible makes it clear that this mark is also an economic mark, BUT the mark of the beast is also a spiritual mark.

It seems however that some people are given the interpretation in part, but the Lord has so graciously revealed to me how they all fit together. If you keep in mind, this 3 part connection, you wont be confused by the different takes on Babylon because they are all correct, in part. I ask you to test what the lord has shown me and if you disagree that’s fine, but for those who see what I am seeing, Maranatha!

Babylon is literal and Spiritual.

Literal Babylon-Babylon in Iraq….tower of babble -ancient prelude to OWG

Mystery Babylon(spiritual) -Ecumenicalism headed by Rome OWChurch

The nation Babylon- USA and her kingdoms OWG instigators